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You will find endless of interesting and FREE information about how to successfully move to Spain throughout this blog.

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What is this blog all about?

What is this blog all about?

If you are thinking this blog is all about my personal embarkment of relocating to Spain, you are wrong!

          Not 100% wrong because in certain posts I will be mentioning tit-bits, advice, tips, where I went wrong, where I               could have done better and where I got things right in my move to Spain.



Moving to Spain and getting started

Getting Started

At some time for some reason, an idea was implanted in your head, that you simply had to move to Spain.
Everyone has to start somewhere, so we have tried to make a structured plan that could almost suit all peoples circumstances. You will either fall into one or more of these categories.
Single, Couple, Family.
Whether you are a pensioner looking to retire to the sun, a family looking for a better life for yourselves and your kids or just young, free and single looking to indulge on a different culture. You all have one thing in common you all want to move to Spain.
So, let’s get started!


My Spanish Store

If you love all things Spanish, you will probably find something you are looking for in our Spanish store.

We hope to build a large stock of items, particularly local Spanish goodies not widely available. Please pop back to          find new goods as we establish ourselves in the market. If there is something you cannot find and you think we         should    stock it, please let us know.


Just a few comments from happy readers of our FREE GUIDE. Get started today.

I actually just came from the consulate of Spain in Toronto right now. The lady there didn’t help me nearly as much as you have.

PS. Incidentally I hope you don’t mind me saying that I am impressed with your marketing style. I’m no stranger to this field …….. Love it!


Thank you very much for the pdf outlining the requirements for importation of personal items into Spain, that was very kind of you. It has some similarities to what the import agent is requesting.


Wow, your information was very great. I will consider about living in Spain and learn by your experiences.  Step by step is more hard but it brought a big motivation for me to always learn everyday.      I will prepare everything and think wise before make a decision. Very thanks Paul..


Thank you very much with your help! And I hope we can keep in touch, if you don’t mind.


Hi!!, My family and I are planning a move to southern spain (Andalucia area) in July next year, your guide is very informative and I just wanted to tell you.