Stone Mountain, Atlanta, Georgia

I was feeling a bit nervous as I boarded the plane in Atlanta, Georgia. I was moving to

Spain,    where I knew no one. Besides that, I was entrusting a stranger to prepare the way

for me. I   had no references for Paul, except that someone in a magazine mentioned

using his services.

I know scams litter the internet, so in the back of my mind that knowledge festered.

However,   I communicated with Paul for several months via e-mail and he seemed able

and forthright.   He addressed all my questions promptly and to my satisfaction. His web

site gave me  information that was helpful; including some information that I didn’t even

know I needed. I   am a writer and looked forward to being alone; to do some research

and jump start a project   that required me to know more about Spain. I picked Cadiz

because of the climate and   beaches.   I read the Cadiz area was less infested with tourists

than other coastal areas in Spain and that was also appealing. I knew nothing about Spain except what I learned from the internet,

reading and from Paul. So moving toSpain was a leap of faith. I am pleased to report that Paul’s smiling face was right there to pick me

up when I arrived. He drove me to the nice, reasonably priced, furnished apartment he had reserved for me. He was armed with a list

of properties for me to look at in El Puerto de Santa Maria, where I decided to settle. Paul cheerfully drove me around for two days to

look at apartments at various locations. I saw several I liked and then one that I really liked, so Paul took charge and made all the

arrangements. I was very grateful for his services. Finding an apartment on my own would have been an unpleasant and unwieldy

chore. It would have taken longer and been frustrating; as most apartment owners speak as little English as I do Spanish! Paul is fluent

in both, so negotiating and signing a contract went smoothly. Paul also helped with the odds and ends (like getting me a cell phone)

necessary to get settled in. He was readily available to me and even kept in touch afterwards. His fee was just and no more than he told

me it would be.

Cadiz, Spain

I was pleased with his services. So I wanted to write to his blog to let others

know they may rest assured that Paul is real and does what he promises to

do, for the fee he states. I do encourage you, as Paul did me, to learn

Spanish if you plan to live here. I currently have a private teacher assisting

me. There are also schools available. I am enjoying life here in Spain. Good

luck to those of you coming this way.


Adios, Julianna