Survey Nº.1 – I Live in Spain

I live in Spain is a quick 10 question survey that covers where you live in Spain, what were the biggest challenges and how many other foriegners live in your area etc.
This survey is planned to show the most common results from people who have already moved to Spain.

If you live in Spain and would like to engage, please post your questions in the comments box and I will try and use as many as possible

Results will be posted at the end of each month.
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Survey Nº.2 – We are moving to Spain.

We are moving to Spain is a quick 10 question survey that covers where you plan to move to, employment if you have children of school age etc.
This survey is planned to show the most common results from people who are planning to move to Spain.

If you have a question about moving to Spain, please post it in the comments box and I will try and use as many of your questions .as possible

Results will be posted at the end of each month.
If you like the survey re-post it on Twitter!



'Watching the sun go down after another day on the beach'

'Watching the sun go down after another day on the beach'



Location, location, location but not without Preparation, preparation, preparation….

Yes, the location, location, location theory has been well documented and is of course a very important part of the moving process but even more important when leaving your home Country for a move abroad, that you can not afford to overlook is the preparation and planning of your proposed move.

Every single person, couple or family has unique motives, desires, reasons and circumstances in their idea of moving to a foreign land. Obviously,I want to focus on Spain because this is where we have lived for the past seven years and where we help people who would like to move to this particular part of Andalucia.

The fundamental reason for starting our relocation business in the province of Cadiz is to help people like us who come up against so many brick walls and difficulties when first entering and living in a foreign Country.

The idea of this article is not to scare you but to warn you that if you haven’t done your homework before selling up lock stock and barrel you will be in for a rough ride; only the toughest survive and the strain it can put on a relationships is tough, even harder if you have a family in tow.

It really is hard to fathom how many people still decide they are going to move and live in Spain but do not have any idea where they want to live, what they will do for work, etc…Even those that do and come with the idea of setting up some kind of business seem to forget that in nearly all cases they will have to deal with the Spanish; whether it be to order goods, take deliveries or deal with general services …you will need a grasp of the Spanish Language.

Now, I can hear all voices shouting down at me “NOT IN THE COSTA DEL SOL YOU DON´T, MATE”!!!!!
But the Costa del Sol is saturated with British run bars, shops, hostels, B&B´s, etc.. I have heard of people running bars, working long hours and only breaking even due to the high competition and cut throat price wars. The established and successful have probably been there 20 years or more.

For those who read this that are thinking of moving to Spain, I would like to give you a few practical tips to help you try and succeed, especially when it comes to preparation.


• Give yourself as much time as practically possible before your planned move
• Read books about moving to Spain and investigate on the internet
• Outline all your reasons for moving to Spain, write them down and then try to find out where abouts in Spain fits all your needs and desires.
• Try and narrow down 3 or 4 areas that tick the YES box for most of your requirements.
• If you can, and this might be difficult and expensive if you have a family, take a trip of about a week or so to discover if your choices come up to scratch in reality. Go out of the holiday season (Oct/Nov)
• If you are going to be buying property, make sure you do your sums correctly and get professional, independent, financial advice
• Think about how you are going to support yourself, financially
• Start up taking Spanish lessons
• Before you rush into buying you might want to think about renting for a while.

These are just a number of things you can do to help avoid the pitfalls, insecurity and language barriers when moving to Spain. It is possible to come up against some real trouble with bureaucracy, ignorance and conflicting information as well as lack of knowledge on specific matters, within some local authorities and government departments when moving to Spain.

With all of that said; once you come to terms with how things work in Spain, learn not to expect things to happen as you are used to and join in the relaxed mañana way of life I do not think you will regret it!

The quality of life that you can have in Spain for you and your family can be truly fantastic. The outdoor life in Andalucia is great for children and adults alike, living under clear blue skies, eating fantastic food and drinking outside, where children are welcome in bars, the fiestas and the siestas, whether you enjoy mountains or beach or even both, I can honestly say for me the Costa de la Luz and the province of Cadiz is definitely, Location, location, location.

As for the Preparation, well, I know from experience no matter how much and how well you prepare there is always going to be something happen that you just cannot predict but the more time you put into the preparation of moving to Spain, the easier your life will become when integrating into the Spanish culture and way of life.

My move to Spain / Who is it for ?







Welcome to Spain / Bienvenido a España

Welcome to Spain / Bienvenido a España

MY MOVE TO SPAIN – Who it’s for






If you are thinking this blog is all about my personal embarkment of relocating to Spain, you are wrong!
Not 100% wrong because in certain posts I will be mentioning tit-bits, advice, tips, where I went wrong, where I could have done better and where I got things right in my move to Spain.

What My Move To Spain is really about is creating a vehicle to help anyone who is thinking about or wants to make a permanent move to Spain.
I know there has never been more information available about this subject, than there is today but what I find to be the trend is that people are giving their own personal accounts of moving to a paticular part of Spain. I am not saying there is anything wrong in that and in many ways it is a great help to learn from other peoples experiences but only in a general sense.

What do I mean by that?
Let me explain, I moved to Spain seven years ago and live in Jerez de la Frontera, which is near Cadiz in Southern Spain.
For anyone wanting to move to my area, I could be of great help but I could offer very little advice for someone looking to move to Valencia, Madrid or Santander for example!

So my aim is to bring two sets of people together, those who are foriegners (sorry, don’t like the word expats!) and have made the move and live in different parts of Spain and those who are either thinking, planning or ready to move to Spain.

I know there are many good forums on the net about Spain who have many knowledgable and expirienced people actively passing on that knowledge to those keen on taking the plunge. But unless you are frequently participating yourself it is often very hard to find the exact information you want. Also, in my experience the threads tend to get dilated with endless chatter between the regulars.
In the next few months I will be trying to get people who have moved to different parts of Spain to collaborate with quality information on the particular area where they live and their experiences (good & bad) of living there.
I shall try to do this by breaking Spain down into Provinces or Comunidades (autonomous communities).

The comments pages are there for you to ask questions for information and help and we will try our best to answer them.

So you see MY MOVE TO SPAIN is about everyone’s move to Spain!
For those who have, those who want to, those who are going to and yes, even my move to Spain 🙂

What Information Do You Need?

0808-0712-3117-5830Blogs need to be kept up dated on a regular basis otherwise the reader gets bored and doesn’t come back. Especially if they don’t see anything new or what they want to read about or need to know!
I’ve got tons of ideas for new blog posts but I want to get a feel for what people like to read about and need to know about. I created this cool little poll to get your opinions. If you wouldn’t mind letting me know what kind of topics you like to read about and respond to, I’ll have a better idea of what direction to take future blog posts.

I really appreciate all the feedback and all of the support you can give me to take this blog to the next level. Remember, My move to Spain is for you and about your Move to Spain. I’ve done it and I am still here and I shall be recruiting Expats who live all over Spain to help you make a successful move.I shall also be getting real horror stories where moves have gone wrong! This is not to frighten you off but to make you aware of where things can go wrong and how to avoid that happening.

Please make yourself heard in the comments below. If there’s something you’d like me to talk about that is not mentioned in the above poll, let me know.
Remember your input is what will eventually make this blog work.
Thanks so much for you input!