Kieran James Wallace is a 27 year old primary school teacher from Dublin, Ireland. 

For the last few months, he has been planning and researching his proposed move to Valencia. He is embarking on a career break which could be anything up to 5 years. However stepping into the unknown like this (despite summer working in many teaching and PR capacities there), he doesn’t know if he’ll ever return

He has already worked as an English teacher in Barcelona, Albacete and most
recently as a sports teacher through an English intensive course and in latter summers as a sports teacher / co-ordinator in Pontevedra, Galicia.

With a great desire and passion to be as good at the Spanish language as he possibly can, Kieran has been taking lessons in the last 3 or 4 years

Kieran has kindly, agreed to let us follow him on his path to live and work in Valencia. His plan, is to try and use his teaching experience and public relations aspirations to carve out his ‘place’ in this fantastic part of the world.

He has set a moving date of August / September 2011

We’ll catch up with him, after he has already made one pre-evaluation trip but hopefully he will tell us all about that, as well as all the up’s and down’s of moving from Ireland to Spain.

Keep coming back to follow Kieran’s journey from Dublin to Valencia. I am sure his experiences, will be invaluable to you.




“From my initial thoughts of this ‘dream’ move possibility a lot has happened since Oct 2010. Having worked numerous times in various parts of Spain, albeit two and three month stints, I was aware of the red tape and paperwork formalities. Since my increased and heightened interest in all things España, I’ve also grown more aware that to even partially immerse myself into the Spanish culture and way of life, I had to improve on my castellano.
I was always attracted to the Spaniards style, friendliness, mannerisms, their easiness of showing affection and overall their high level of confidence as people. From past work colleagues, Spanish friends, hear’say and my own personal research, Valencia was quietly chosen on my own part…. but as a launching base-pad to visit, tour and live in the rest of the country or as my solitary base as of yet I don’t know.
I quickly set about researching jobs, accommodation, life amenities and facilities, transport links, social groups, or should I say {as a fitness fan} sports groups (namely and most importantly Gaelic Football [Irish football- I’ll explain later] rugby, basketball and running, for which the Jardin de Turia caters perfectly. Last but by no means least I have also been looking into the fiestas which are an important and integral part of the move – purely educational of course :).
Personally I’ve always loved the philosophy behind the saying ‘over-prepare and then go with the flow’  – It gives you the best of both worlds, safe in the knowledge that you are ready to do something and yet spontaneous enough to totally scrap your plans if the moment in time so chooses. So basically don’t underestimate the amount of forward thinking and planning you’ll have to do. It would be great and James Bond style adventurous to make the move on a whim but this is a big decision in everyone’s life – regardless if like me, your flying solo, going with a partner or setting sail with your family or friends/relatives.
My earlier investigative  phone calls, exploratory trips, endless hours of Internet research can be painstakingly slow, but brilliantly useful in letting you know what you’re getting yourself and your esteemed others in for. Thoughts constantly fly ahead of yourself actually living this dream….. and it will be a dream, but as a rebel and revered Cork favourite of mine once said “Fail to prepare, Prepare to fail: Muchas Gracias Roy Keane:
Until next time……………
……………….. Adios y suerte