If you’ve ever spent a holiday in Spain, that’s just crazy, of course youv’e had a holiday somewhere in Spain! It’s probably what started the majority of you guys reading this, the love affair you have with this beautiful Country.

So, lets start again.

How do you spot the tourists in Spain?

Well, an easy way is to pass by the restaurants and see they are the only ones sitting there!

A major way of getting straight into the Spanish life style so your living on the same time lines, is CHANGE YOUR EATING HABITS!

That doesn’t really mean to change what you eat but you will because the food here is different and marvellous. What I mean is, you need to change your body clock and start eating at the same times as the Spanish do. That doesn’t mean you have to eat out everyday, although that is a very Spanish thing to do, just try and get out of your normal lunch, dinner and tea times. That way you will be able to get yourselves into the Spanish way of life and intergrate and do the things the Spanish do and join in with them.

Below is basically how it works here, I’m always being teased by my Spanish friends about having tea at 5.00pm. I don’t know how long ago the British used to do that, probably the Queen is still doing that but as I tell them, I’m really not in that class! Take a look and tell me what you think of the Spanish eating times in the comment box below:

My idea is to provide a few helpful hints to speed up the enjoyment process but I’ll be honest with you, even after 8 years here I still have my breakfast before the kids go to school on a normal working week. Although, un café con leche around 10.00-10.30 is quite acceptable to me.

Spanish eating habits.

The Spanish eating habits take a while to get used to and leave many visitors perplexed. The fact meal times are quite different from the UK and America, and to a certain extent to the dining customs in most parts of Europe.

  • Breakfast  (Desayuno 10.00 – 11.30. For most this means  a cup of coffee and may be toast or a croissant. 
  • Lunch (Comida)  14.00 – 16.00. If eating in a restaurant this will be typically a large 3-course meal. This will also be the same for a majority of households in Spain as for most it is the day’s main meal.
  • Afternoon Snack (Merienda) 17.00 – 18.00. This is big for the children in Spain but the adults don’t mind getting in on the action either!
  • Dinner (Cena) 21.00 – 24.00. This  is probably the one meal time that throws everybody out because it’s taken so late!. Most restaurants don’t even open until after eight thirty or nine and tend to stay open until midnight and much later in summer.  

FOR MY NEXT POST CONCERNING FOOD.  I will discuss the Menu del Dia.