I have been struggling to get much time to sit down and get to grips with writing the e-book but I have decided to just get down as much content as I can to the sub titles I have written down.

While writing about what a NIE is and who needs one and why, I was struck by an idea that rather than wait until the book is finished, and I have no idea when that will be, I should get something posted up now! Purely because getting a NIE, is an important part of the process in moving to Spain.

After all the beauty of the Internet is that it’s instant! Somebody out there wants to know what a NIE is, how they can get it etc, etc…

That’s easy they just look up NIE on google.  That’s Correct !

Having typed into google ‘How to fill out a NIE form’ I found many different websites with sources of information about NIE’s, I even found a company that will get your NIE for you! The qoutes for getting a NIE for someone in the UK are €370.18 or €547.29 for two. That’s expensive, in my opinion. My relocation companycharges €100 to accompany clients, translate and aquire their NIE, here in Spain. 

What is clear is that help is missing when it comes to on how to fill out a NIE form, so I have come up with the idea to supply a link to download the NIE form EX-14 and make a video and PDF translated document on how to fill out the NIE form.

This should be of help to those who want to prepare everything they need before they travel to Spain, those people who have bought off-plan properties where the Developer or Promoter doesn’t offer the service of acquiring a NIE or those people applying for their NIE via the Spanish Consulate in their home Country.

This should be available within a week or so 🙂

UPDATE: Okay, after a little more research using different keyword phrases around the word NIE, I have found a few sites that have translated the NIE form into English. May be there is a market to translate it into German, French or even Chinese? I see no real reason to re-invent the wheel but I shall continue with the my idea, as written above and make it a bit more accessible in video & PDF form. So, carry on watching this space!

Latest Update: 30th December 2010. I have had a change of heart. While writing the ‘HOW TO GET A NIE’ section of the e-book, I have gone into such detail on how to get yours, download the application forms and how to fill them in and the cost and the documents you will need etc. I have decided not to post the PDF & video here, instead you will be able to get all this in the e-book ‘The A-Z of Moving to Spain‘.