Hi guy’s,

I need a little help and feed back from you!                                    

I am in the middle of writing an E-book. First I want your opinions on the title A-Z Moving to Spain: Not just what to do but HOW to do it!

A little long I admit but I want to get the message across that this book covers just about everything you need to know about moving to Spain.
The other help I need are suggestions on what exactly prospective movers to Spain are likely to specificly want covered. That’s where you come in.
I have a A-Z List, so far these are the topics covered. Can you please help me cover what you think is missing or need covered?

I thank you in advance and look forward to your comments.

A- Automono (self employed), Ayuntamiento (local council),
B- Buying a car, house, banking, bank repossesions, bull fighting, beaches, buiders,
C- Campo,
D- Driving in Spain
E- Education, EHIC,
F- Fiestas, food, football,
G- Gestors, golf
H- health insurance, health care, hospitals,
I- Internet,IBI, insurance, inheritance tax, Imolbiliarias (estate agents)
K- Kilometer 0,
L- Learning Spanish, laws, lawyers, land grab,
M- Making money in Spain, mobiles, medical centres,motos,
N- NIE (national identity for foriegners)
O- Off-Plan,
P- Policia (Police), pensions,
Q- Que’s,
R- Residencia (Residency), renting, Retiring,
S- Schools, starting a business, seguridad social (social security), shops & shopping, Semana Santa, siestas,
T- Tax, Telefonica, TV,
U- Universities,
V- Visas
W- Wills, wine,