Welcome to Spain / Bienvenido a España

Welcome to Spain / Bienvenido a España

MY MOVE TO SPAIN – Who it’s for






If you are thinking this blog is all about my personal embarkment of relocating to Spain, you are wrong!
Not 100% wrong because in certain posts I will be mentioning tit-bits, advice, tips, where I went wrong, where I could have done better and where I got things right in my move to Spain.

What My Move To Spain is really about is creating a vehicle to help anyone who is thinking about or wants to make a permanent move to Spain.
I know there has never been more information available about this subject, than there is today but what I find to be the trend is that people are giving their own personal accounts of moving to a paticular part of Spain. I am not saying there is anything wrong in that and in many ways it is a great help to learn from other peoples experiences but only in a general sense.

What do I mean by that?
Let me explain, I moved to Spain seven years ago and live in Jerez de la Frontera, which is near Cadiz in Southern Spain.
For anyone wanting to move to my area, I could be of great help but I could offer very little advice for someone looking to move to Valencia, Madrid or Santander for example!

So my aim is to bring two sets of people together, those who are foriegners (sorry, don’t like the word expats!) and have made the move and live in different parts of Spain and those who are either thinking, planning or ready to move to Spain.

I know there are many good forums on the net about Spain who have many knowledgable and expirienced people actively passing on that knowledge to those keen on taking the plunge. But unless you are frequently participating yourself it is often very hard to find the exact information you want. Also, in my experience the threads tend to get dilated with endless chatter between the regulars.
In the next few months I will be trying to get people who have moved to different parts of Spain to collaborate with quality information on the particular area where they live and their experiences (good & bad) of living there.
I shall try to do this by breaking Spain down into Provinces or Comunidades (autonomous communities).

The comments pages are there for you to ask questions for information and help and we will try our best to answer them.

So you see MY MOVE TO SPAIN is about everyone’s move to Spain!
For those who have, those who want to, those who are going to and yes, even my move to Spain 🙂