What Information Do You Need?

0808-0712-3117-5830Blogs need to be kept up dated on a regular basis otherwise the reader gets bored and doesn’t come back. Especially if they don’t see anything new or what they want to read about or need to know!
I’ve got tons of ideas for new blog posts but I want to get a feel for what people like to read about and need to know about. I created this cool little poll to get your opinions. If you wouldn’t mind letting me know what kind of topics you like to read about and respond to, I’ll have a better idea of what direction to take future blog posts.

I really appreciate all the feedback and all of the support you can give me to take this blog to the next level. Remember, My move to Spain is for you and about your Move to Spain. I’ve done it and I am still here and I shall be recruiting Expats who live all over Spain to help you make a successful move.I shall also be getting real horror stories where moves have gone wrong! This is not to frighten you off but to make you aware of where things can go wrong and how to avoid that happening.

Please make yourself heard in the comments below. If there’s something you’d like me to talk about that is not mentioned in the above poll, let me know.
Remember your input is what will eventually make this blog work.
Thanks so much for you input!