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Okay, if you are planning to move to Spain, you most probably have heard,

that you need a NIE number. If you haven’t, then you have come to the right place.

If you don’t know what a NIE number is, it is an identity number for foreigners.

It stands for (Numero de identidad de extranjeros).


If you are buying a property, Spanish legislation makes it compulsory for you to have one! Not only that, this number stays with you for life and is your tax number.

This Downloadable PDF report informs you, on everything you need to know, on how to acquire your NIE.



If you are purchasing a property in Spain and you don’t yet have your NIE number, you will need to act fast.

You won’t be the first, to have seen their dream home in Spain, lost because you didn’t have your NIE number. If you want to avoid that scenario, you can, by purchasing this NIE Report, for just 9.97.

The real price is actually €19.97 but for a limited time and as an introductory offer, I am reducing this report to €9.97 to purchasers from this website.

Can you imagine, having everything prepared to buy your dream villa in Spain?

You have purchased it at a ridiculously low price, the bank has agreed your mortgage, and the lawyers have given you a completion date.

You have travelled to Spain, and the time has come to sign before the Notary and he asks to see your NIE.

What happens next is, you frantically ask how to get one and realise that it is just not going to happen. Not only are you likely to lose, your dream villa but if you have signed a pre-purchase agreement, you will also lose any deposit you have put down.

Don’t let this happen to you, it’s not uncommon, because a lot of people don’t know they need an NIE number, before it’s too late!

Buying property is not the only reason you will need a NIE number. Just a few other examples of what you need a NIE for, are; If you want to purchase a car, set up a business, seek employment, or get a Spanish mortgage.

You don’t want to find you need one before it’s too late.

So, how will this report help me get a NIE?

This report, tells you what a NIE is, what your options are to get it, how to apply for it and the best way to get it.

You can, just come to Spain and get it yourself, this is one option I give you in the report but think about the expense, for a moment.

The Spanish law states that you need to apply for an NIE number in person.

This means….

  • Flying to Spain. Muliply, your airplane tickets, by the number of people and how many times you have to come to Spang a hotel or rivate rental accomodation.

  • Transport, to and from both Home & Spanish airports.Living expenses, per day.

  • A trip to your local police station.

  • Ask or the NIE application form.

  • Fill in the application form, which is in Spanish. You may require a translator.

  • Submit your application, with all other required documents.

  • Go to a bank, to pay the relevant tax.

  • Take this back to the police station.

  • It is unusual to get your NIE on the same day, although depending on where you are, it is possible. In the main, it is more likely to be a week to a month. You will not be notified.

  • Flight back home. With or without your NIE?

  • Flight back to Spain, to collect your NIE

  • Flight back home, again.

Not a very envious task, is it? So I hope you are reading this in time and are not in need of your NIE number, urgently?


The NIE Report, informs you of other options open to you.

What is in this NIE Report?

The short answer is, everything you need to know about the Spanish NIE. All your questions answered.

  • What is a NIE number?

  • What does NIE, stand for?

  • Who can get a NIE?

  • What is it & do I need it?

  • Does it involve paying taxes.

  • How do I get it?

  • How do I fill the form in?

  • What documents do I need to take with me?

  • What does it look like?

  • What if I am not an EU national?

  • Is the procedure the same in all Spanish regions?

  • How much does it cost?

  • What if I am in Spain to apply for my NIE but I can’t collect it?

  • How can you apply for your NIE number without leaving my home country.

  • How can a Lawyer help me, where can I find one specialized in NIE’s and how much are their fees?

Not only, do we share all of the above, we also show you exactly how to fill in your application. There is an example page and everything is translated in to English.

We give you the link, so you can download the official NIE form.

There is advice for non – EU citizens and information about the Schengen Agreement and Area.



If you want to get your NIE, without having to go to Spain, this report tells you, how you can do, just that!

Imagine the time and money you’ll be able to save, if you use one of the methods, within the report, to apply for your NIE number.

If you want to save yourself time and money, buy this report now! It won’t be $9.97 for ever. It may be, by the time you click the BUY NOW button, that the introductionary price has elapsed. But, don’t worry even if you have to pay the real price of $19.97, I’ll give you, my personal, NO RISK, GARUANTEE.

If for whatever reason, you don’t think, this NIE Report, is worth the $9.97, I am charging you for it. I will refund your money.

Yes, you have a full 45 days from the time you download the report to contact me and I will refund your money.

Download Your Report Now For Only €9.97

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