30193_128446407166581_100000036671556_338637_2390651_sIf you are born and grow up in a particular region of the planet, something of the vibrational matrix of that area will become a fundamental part of your being. If you then subsequently move, in later life, to a new country with a different range of vibrational frequencies you will need to make an inner adjustment to these new energies. This is why people often find it so hard to settle down in another country. It has nothing to do with coming to terms with another culture but because the energies from the Earth are not the same in different localities.

from http://www.kch42.dial.pipex.com/elohim.htm

So, is this the reason so many people fail or struggle to settle down here in Spain?

May be it’s not the language barrier after all!  Coming from a different culture obviously makes the settling down period take a lot longer and I should imagine the older you are and less experienced in imersing in or travelling to different Countries, the harder this becomes.

To be honest, my own particular story sheds a different light on the subject. My wife was born and raised in a small village in Valladolid, N.W. Spain. She moved to London when she was 20 and lived there for 10 years. After that we moved to Andalucia and she still struggles to get used to the people and the way of life here! Myself, on the other hand adapted much quicker to the way people and things work here. That doesn’t mean I like everything that goes on but as I told her nobody is going to change for us and we don’t have to change but we do have to respect and live by the way things are done here.

So,  whether it’s the vibrational matrix of the area you come from or go to, be prepared to adapt and recognise things don’t always happen here the same as where you are from. If you find yourself having lived in Spain for a while and are still using the phrase, ‘things don’t happen like that from where I come from’. You still haven’t settled here in Spain!